The ugly dumplings are quickly becoming the talk of the town! If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for!? check our Facebook and Twitter pages for up to date locations and come on down and try one! Take your pick from the following delicious dumplings:

  • Aromatic Duck Dumplings: Roasted duck with hoisin sauce and spring onions
  • Pork & Prawn Dumplings: marinated with oyster sauce and shaoxing rice wine
  • Prawn & Chive Dumplings: With Chinese chives and shaoxing rice wine
  • Satay Chicken Dumplings: marinated with mixed spices, curry powder and coconut milk
  • Pork Belly Dumplings: Braised in Chinese 5 spice and fish sauce
  • Spinach & Tofu Dumplings: mixed with shiitake mushrooms and carrots (v) (vegan)

We also serve a vegan friendly Peanut “superfood” noodle salad with beetroot, cucumber and edamame beans. Or trr our Tangy mango salad with glass noodles.

Come and check us out on your next lunch break!!